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Andrea Gravano
Andrea Gravano is a photographer based in Vigevano, in the north of Italy. His photographic project I’m presenting is called Genius Loci.
Genius Loci is not simply a serie of pictures showing abandoned industrial places. It’s not a classic example of industrial archeology. It’s something different, it’s a more complex and articulated research. Man created, used, overworked and shaped these places to serve his will, and in the end abandoned them, leaving them at the mercy of time with its slow and inexorable effect. But despite of appearance human presence is still tangible; a live presence. Man is now part of structures, buildings, objects, in a close and indissoluble bond where is nearly difficult to distinguish, separate the two elements: man and structures. They are linked and mixed to form an unicum


Genius LociGenius Loci
Genius LociGenius Loci


Genius Loci pictures: copyright Andrea Gravano. All rights reserved