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2011 - today

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Unfitting Fragments


“Unfitting Fragments” is a portrayal of human inadequateness and inability to live and to act as a coherent unit. A vision of the way we “are” with ourselves and we relate to the world around us.  It’s a story about fragments, it’s a story about fragments of missed relations. Fragments unable to constitute a complete entity; fragments unable to interact with the world as they are “single parts” of a no-body. The fragments become “unfitting fragments”……….each other unconnected and foreign matter for the world.

Sad Lake


The lake........a fisical and concrete place, made of water, banks, thickets, stones and water plants. A place able to evoke feelings and sensations: peace, calm, tranquillity. But it's also a "mental place" and perhaps it's able to bring us, to lead us by the hand further on its materiality and concreteness........beyond. Than the lake is not only water and banks but gets an its own abstract meaning, that gets away from physicalness and little by little becomes intangible and freely interpretable by all of us in a personal way and according to our own sensibility.

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